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Hotspot Magic

Guest WIFI authentication.

Keep the control on your visitors with our external authentication method.

    AAbout Us

    We are a team of SonicWALL experts that faced queries from our customers in regards to external guest authentication method so we have decided the bring to live a reliable, easy to use platform that will allow SonicWALL administrators to integrate the service into their own network with no additional hardware cost and minimum time spent for setup.
    We are going to launch 2 products for our customers:
    1. The online portal where clients can manage and integrate the guest authentication with minimum effort into their guest wifi platform.
    2. A virtual appliance platform which system administrators are going to be able to deploy into their own environment and take full control of how it is integrated and managed.
    For start we are focusing on SonicWALL UTM and once this is up and running we are going to start working on WatchGuard integration.

    CContact Info

    Please email us if you have any queries or just need to find out the status of the project.

    : United Kingdom